Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hipstamatic Inspiration

Sometimes you find new inspiration in unexpected places. Bored with the same old style of my art, last Fall I found bold new colors and the freedom to enhance what is seen thanks to a text message joke from my sister. As children, we had this joke (which will probably sound lame, but we thought it a hilarious trick). We took lots of road trips back then and whenever we saw a hay bale, we'd say "Hay, (insert name)." If the chosen trick-victim said "what?" the trickster would giggle and giggle and point at the hay bale, exclaiming "I got you!" I told you...a little lame, an inside joke, but it was funny to us. As adults, let's just say it may or may not still happen...

Now bringing my ramblings to a point: on the way back from a family beach trip, my sister texted me the picture below with "Hay (omitting funny childhood nickname) Mary Liz!" She had snapped the photo out of the window with the Hipstamatic App on her iPhone.

Hay Bales, 12x16 soft pastel

Her little joke set me on a new course full of turquoise and golden skies, darkening edges, simple photos from our region of the world. Since that day, I have taken a whole collection of pictures from rural Alabama and love finding inspiration in alternative colors thanks to Hipstamatic. If you are unfamiliar with this camera app, it is a program you can purchase very inexpensively on smart phones that allows you to change combinations of lens and film to get different colors and effects. My favorites are the John S lens and the Bettie XL lens. I love experimenting with it...you never know when you'll get something new and fabulous! It is a great asset to my artwork. Below is another example of a different lens/film combination.


  1. haaaay!!! :) i love your pictures. wanna make me one? otherwise my stellar photography skills come with a hefty fee ;) juuuust kidding

  2. Haven't you been paid enough yet? Juuuuust kidding ;)