Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pizza Break

Pizza Break, Ink Sketch...Here are a few things about me: I try hard to eat healthy food and to feed my children well-balanced meals. I buy organic products when I can. In a small effort to "save the planet," I always use "real plates" to eat on, and we use fabric napkins. I have three kids and a pretty demanding job, along with being an artist. I try to keep my house tidy, my family happy, and all my neat little ducks in a row. I try to go an extra step, do a little more...but sometimes, you have to know when to give yourself a break. To order a pizza with no vegetables and eat on paper plates. Today was that sort of day; tonight, that sort of night. I woke up this morning with just enough time to get ready and out the door with my three side-kicks in time for a morning sketch. Part of this "artistic endeavor" is to be realistic about my place in life at this moment in time...and sticking to my own rules to the detriment of my sanity is something I can do without! So pizza night it was, and evening drawing it is!

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  1. We do frozen pizza night a lot... it's a necessity :) Love your picture.