Sunday, January 30, 2011


Fluff, 8x17 Soft Pastel

In my three years of a "serious" art career, I have drawn my share of sheep. Sheep in fields, sheep by rocks, sheep by walls, sheep by water, sheep on a path. Sometimes you just have to switch it up. These sheep are FLUFFY. I love how the grass and the sheep are the same kind of "puff." Another variance in this piece from my other sheep landscapes, is that the grass has just about every color from the rainbow...lots of greens and golds and rusts as usual, but with strikes of purple and blue and red throughout the tufts. It was a nice challenge to get such a different texture in the grass, and a nice moment to pop in the cotton ball sheep as the finishing touch!


  1. You have the perfect balance of being extravagant and creative with color while still maintaining perfect realism...actually, that what makes it realistic (as well as interesting). Nice work!