Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Change of Shoes

A Change of Shoes, 16x20 Soft Pastel

In the ever-changing process of growth, I have in this piece attempted to be more intentional and free with my color and technique. I gave greater thought to the placement and order of the colors and strokes, using the gritty texture of the board as a tool, not just as a surface. I also used quick movements to apply the pastel, to avoid being too polished.

As I designed this piece, I wanted to convey a soft, pensive mood; a pause before a beginning; a still moment, preparing for a transition; a change of shoes. As humans, we make constant changes that shape our lives for better or worse, daily choices that define us. We often change our shoes without thinking, and find ourselves in an unknown dance, retracing our steps to see how we got there. Sometimes, we pause and consider our moment, purposefully preparing for the next step, changing into the shoes that will help us live in richness, in fullness, in peace. The innocence of the child reminds me of the simplicity we hold in hearts, no matter our age. If we search through mature exteriors, responsibilities, and grown-up worries, we find fragile, equal humans...all in need of love, assurance and a chance to live out this dance in our own shoes. I hope the soft blues, greens and whites will invite a pause in your moment, and that the warmth of the reds and golds will encourage you to a vibrant life.


  1. I like the not so polished look... I love the color variation in the skirt. Is that your daughter? By the way we do need to get together for art day. It would be so fun:)